Cycle to Work Scheme Northern Ireland

What is Cycle to Work?

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a government initiative to encourage employees to make healthier, greener journeys to work. Your employer pays for your bike and then 'loans' it to you for use on your journey to work. At the end of the loan your employer may give you the option to buy the bike, or you may be able to continue loaning the bike at no cost.

Who can participate?

Any employer can partner with CycleScheme. Employees must receive salary via the PAYE system.

Employers can sign up here >

How do I get a bike?


Your employer needs to register with CycleScheme. You can invite your employer to join by clicking here.


Call into our shop and choose your bike!


Go to your employer's CycleScheme web page and request your certificate.


Take your certificate to our bike shop. There you can exchange it for your chosen bike and equipment.

Read the CycleScheme FAQ >

Which bike is best for me?

For mostly road cycling

Road Bike

Light, nimble, fast and fun. Road bikes are not built entirely for comfort but will ensure a quick and graceful journey to work.

For road and off-road cycling

Urban Bike

Hybrids offer more comfort than road bikes and more speed than mountain bikes. They are ideal for commuters.

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Watch the video below for more information...